How to get a man outside in the Texas summer

30 Jun

Spending time outdoors during the Texas summer is just about unbearable, especially during the heat of the day. I was tying to think of good enticements to get my boyfriend outside to do some work in the garden when I came across the simple yet fantastic idea of cucumber lemonade.

I couldn’t think of any two items that might be more refreshing than cucumbers and lemonade, so I immediately made up a batch (which only took about 5 minutes).

This combination is delicious on its own but, of course, when I had a few friends over, we tried out a few variations.

We added a shot of lemon vodka to a tall glass of cucumber lemonade for a fantastic afternoon cocktail.

We also tried adding a little bit of fresh basil or mint into a few glasses. I preferred the basil – it provided just a hint of flavor, without being overpowering.

The cucumber lemonade was tempting enough to get a bit of yard work out of my boyfriend. I’m not sure that it will continue to work, though. It’s pretty hot out there.

–       1 cucumber (peeled and chopped into medium-size chunks)

–       5 cups water

–       1 or 2 lemons

–       Sugar to taste (about 3 – 5 tablespoons, in my case)

Optional additions:

–       Lemon vodka

–       Fresh basil or mint

Combine cucumbers and water in the blender, and blend until the cucumbers are pureed.

Strain the cucumber/water mixture into a pitcher.

Squeeze one or two lemons into the pitcher.

Sugar to taste.


2 Responses to “How to get a man outside in the Texas summer”

  1. Emily July 2, 2010 at 1:49 am #

    Ash, I love the blog! Thanks for posting so much interesting stuff! Can you give more info on the CSA (location/member price)? Thanks! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. deliciouslyaustin July 2, 2010 at 3:53 am #

    Glad you like it!

    The farm that I go to is called Green Gate Farms (

    The price is prorated depending on when you join during the season. If you joined now, for example, your membership would be prorated since you missed a few weeks already. I don’t know the exact cost but I think that it comes out to something like $20 per week for my half of the membership (don’t hold me to that!- call to find out the actual price!) . It’s a little more than you would pay for the same amount of vegetables at the store, but a great deal because the veggies are of such high quality (plus they’re local, etc.).

    The farm is about 15ish minutes from downtown Austin on the East Side. Here’s a link to their map:

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