Aviary, Austin, Texas

8 Dec

I’m not decorating my Christmas tree right now (which is what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing). “Why?” you may ask.

It’s because I’ve just come home from an adorable new place, where I plan to have many glasses of wine in the future and I want to tell all of you about it. Interestingly, though, it isn’t really a “bar.” By my estimation, it’s not even a “wine bar.” It’s something different. New for me, though I’m not sure if the concept is entirely new. I went to a lovely “lounge” where there was plenty of privacy for me and a friend to have a conversation, but also a bartender who can dispense advice/thoughts on a number of subjects (gardening, cooking, home decorating) and, excitingly enough, a fun shopping experience.

Between the atmosphere, personality, and the ease of multi-tasking, this is quickly going to become one of my favorite wine places in Austin. It’s called Aviary – and it was not intended to be a wine bar (it’s worth the wait that it takes for their web page to load- I promise). It was, in fact, intended to be a high-end home furnishings store. I believe the wine bar concept came into play as the economy went under (though the owner, Marco, would have to confirm). In any case, Aviary is now a home décor store combined with a wine bar (GENIUS). Let’s think about this- when are you most likely buy expensive home décor items? Probably after a glass of wine… Maybe two… or maybe three.

The bar is small and intimate,  with the owner, Marco, serving you relatively inexpensive (though not cheap or bad) glasses of wine. While there, I met Marco’s new puppy, heard tales of his young son, and learned about a few of the high-quality pieces in the store. Fabulous experience, good company, and a unique setting.

Long story short: high quality “bartender” (Marco- the owner of the store/lounge who is wonderfully nice and interesting), nice environment, and great prices on drinks. As a fabulous addition, you can get some of your holiday shopping done there at a great price. Personally, I bought a really great hand painted jewelry set while I was there (multitasking!!!).

I highly recommend a visit for shopping or happy hour or both.

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